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Time, a Walkabout

I’ve talked before about my Sunday morning group I call The Container Field.  I use this name because, inspired by Lynn McTaggart, we have created a Field.  Four of us meet every Sunday at 6:30am.  Usually during our check in a theme arrives…

The Subject of Time

Today’s call centered around time and started with me discussing Dandelion Readings and whether I was self-sabotaging myself by not “actively” pursuing “getting the word out”.  The discussion ended with a reflection on timing.  I’d like to share the highlights.

The consensus of the group is that I tend to do things in my own “time” and led to a discussion about my 2019 walk about (see the video re: Quail).    It wasn’t that I didn’t want to execute, rather that I wanted a different way of Being – on walk about time.  How to live life in a walk about?  A perpetual state of unknown, minute by minute walking to find myself – my higher self.  It’s a continuous creative process.  I let what wants to unfold…

What came next was Dandelion Reading (about a Walkabout?) 

Dandelion, yellow flower, white seed puff, and then off it goes where the wind blows.  The seeds settle down, something grows in its time and place.  Dandelion knows when it’s time to fly, change space, and when the conditions are right, to grow.  The seeds release in a Walkabout.

There are two aspects to Walkabout:
  1. Space in terms of location
  2. Time in terms of here to there – timing for when it’s ready to fly, the wind blowing acts as a catalyst.

Experience Time: 
Based on experience such as the time to brush your teeth.

Sabbatical Time: 
A break to renew, or rest and allow the unknown to formulate.

Morning Time:
The moment to arise to new life, fresh day.

Liminal Time: 
A threshold – one room into another;
for example teenage years to adulthood.

Awareness Time: 
When a moment feels like two minutes and ½ hour has passed.

Kairos Time: 
A time you can’t tell by the clock. 
A time that cannot be measured by a calendar or a clock. 

Dandelion Kairos Time:
You can’t just plant the seed and it grows
– it will happen when it’s ready.

What is that – perhaps Now?

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