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Spring 2024 & Dandelion Readings

New Ideas and Dandelion Readings

After 2 ½ years of “infrastructure” work, the big stuff is complete and my attention has turned outside, to the gardens, irrigation, what do I want to create next…

Background.  I have integrated Being.  My life was spent doing.  Doing this, doing that, going here, going there.  Being is… feeling held, supported, loved.  I let myself flow moment to moment, day to day with very little energy spent towards a to do list, the “future”, or planning.  I’ve let go (for the most part!) of how I am going to support myself next and allow my next steps show up.  Being Present.  Being Now.  Back to those Lessons from Quail.  The freedom I feel when I let faith and trust be the principles I live from.  I’ve had to integrate living in the unknown.  I did not “see” what was next, my “purpose”, how am I going to make money.  I stopped striving, reaching, pushing for answers based on my history and the “norm”.   Who knew the theme from my “walk about” in 2019 would manifest itself as soon as I stopped searching and allowed myself to Be!

Dandelion Readings

One evening as I was sitting on the couch doing nothing (horror of horror right?!!), I saw the light change as the sun was going down.  The magic time of golden glow.  I was watching the last glow the dandelions (the clock flower closes just before sunset) and “heard” dandelion readings.  A moment later I “heard” why not show people what is here and ask for help”.  And then take pictures of the areas as they are, messy, needing work, and talk about your vision.  I grabbed my phone and started texting people, asking for the name of an amateur photographer who could come up and take pictures.  

I’ve spent the last couple weeks having pictures taken at various times of the day; Tried to cull down to my favorites (55 pictures!). The photographer told me he was amazed how he kept “seeing” more as he walked around the property, and he had no idea these pockets of beauty existed.  Message received – the land is ready to be shared AS IS!

What is a Dandelion Reading?  It will evolve for sure!  I have to say, it’s the first time I’ve responded to an idea with a sense of knowing.  I have no questions, no need to control it, describe it, put it in a box.  I am so comfortable in the unknown with this one and every time I am asked, the answer comes.  I’ve already had 3 readings, each one different.  Briefly, Ki (Dandelion) starts the “reading” based upon the aspect of Ki drawing you in – yes, in the moment.  The conversation starts from there.  For now, I am playing with it and observing.  I want to play with a few more people and play with a couple groups.  I trust the steps will appear and have faith this will evolve.

I have “run into” people who have the expertise to help me with the irrigation and perhaps some landscaping ideas.  I am not interested in a sculptured look – just want some dog friendly areas for my little one.  I want some paths created to allow exploration safely.  I want to create space to sit and contemplate when visiting.  Places to reflect after walking the property and/or the spiral.  Places for conversations to take place.  

What if it IS possible for all that to happen?

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