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Spiral Update

Here it is…

It took me two weeks to write this – a week of new and old friends, visiting other spirals in the area, Opera, saying good-bye to Tigrilla and Crotalo, yoga class, an unexpected trip back to Livermore, and then, finally, SLEEP!  Then the power and internet lines were repaired from the Winding Fire…finally here it is!

The energy was flying, the frequency was HIGH, and the spiral is amazing.  Please contact me for a visit and walk through the spiral.

Back story – Monday before “Spiral Day”, I had five people coming to help build the spiral.  I let go of how this event was going to happen and I kept my focus simple; I saw the rocks being placed on the ground, smelling the earth, and feeling the sweat and excitement of a dream taking form.  I left the “HOW” as a blank slate to be filled in by the field of infinite possibilities, unimaginable by me, filled by the Universe (Christ Consciousness, God, Divine, Buddha whichever of 1,000s of names we call “IT”)

Friday before “Spiral Day”, I had lost count of people coming and Crotalo changed the location of the spiral!  

Old Location:

I put a lot of energy and focus on the spot I thought the spiral would go.  I also placed the rocks I had collected near it!  So, when the location changed, I had a minor panic, then, let go of the “how” again.  I enjoyed dinner with the early arrivals.  Two of those early arrivals were my son and his friend who I also consider a “son”.  The three of us stayed up until 11pm and moved rocks in the night by moon and flashlight (cooler than the day!).  We laughed and joked, and a major portion of the work was done – we thought.  

The next morning, Crotalo said we needed more rock – and would gather them together.

And so, the day began splitting up into two groups – one group helped to set the cord, laying out the spiral.  The other group gathered more rocks – and bonds of friendship started as we all put our energies to work.

Then, the magick happened!  With Jordan heading the line at the pile of rocks, I was second, Dakotah third (Jordan and Dakotah switched places halfway through) we started passing the rocks.  Each person in the line had to touch, hold a rock, before it was passed to the next through the line with Tigrilla handing the rock to Crotalo who placed the rock on the spiral.  We had a line of 14 people total.  Jordan set up a time lapse photo so you can see how this was done!

magick: Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) described magick to include anything that moves a person closer to fulfilling their destiny, which he would call ‘One’s True Will.’

Here are the statistics:

July 30, 2022

120 steps

560 stones placed

15 people appeared

14 people worked

Time:  1 hour and 11 minutes (no joke!)

Thank you Tigrilla, Crotalo, Jordan, Dakotah, Lynda, Debbie, Yoshi, Liz, Rebeca, Salvatore, E, Nicole, Karen, and Me!

As many of you know, the flower of life is one of the symbols of sacred geometry.  This shape is also represented in the “wish flower” of the dandelion. And, also found in the “wish flower” are spirals.

The spiral has been used symbolically across time and space. The unique form creates an “as above, so below” energetic field.  The Dandelion Center spiral has been energetically connected to all life and water on Ute Mountain in Oregon House CA; to the Sacred waters of the red and white Chalice Wells located in Glastonbury, England; to La source Nans, a mountain spring in the sacred forest of La Saint Baume, location of the cave where Mary Magdalene dwelt; to the Panther Meadows headwaters spring on Mt Shasta; to the Sacred Woods and Temples of Humankind in Damanhur, Italy. And, as it is used and walked, the Spiral will continue to “spiral out” and connect other waters, life, and places. 

This is my intention, the purpose, for the Spiral at The Dandelion Center.

Please contact me to walk the spiral.  

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