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Spiral, Plants, and Self – Oh My

It’s happening – the wishes I made, dreams I dreamed are manifesting before my eyes.   I am so excited – on July 30, 2022 the first possibility will be seeded on this land, available for visitors to walk, connect, and explore. This will be a day of spiral creation!  AND YOU ARE INVITED!

I am being joined by Crotalo Sesamo and Tigrilla Gardenia who are flying in from Damanhur, Italy to create, connect, and activate this stone spiral at The Dandelion Center. The Spiral will energetically connect The Dandelion Center and the Sacred Woods, the “Vegetal Temple” of the Temples of Humankind.  (See for more information regarding Damanhur)

This is a no cost event you may both participate in and experience. Just send me an email at if you are interested in joining us for this event.

Just a quick note about Spirals:  Since ancient times they have accompanied mankind on our journeys.  Their forms can be found on stone, jewelry, clothing, and sacred places around the world.

A stone spiral creates a walkable energetic field that connects the deepest energies of our planet and the subtle planes up above.  Walking the spiral activates your subtle body, waking up that part of you searching for more…walk with an intention and magic can happen!

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