saturday July 30, 2022


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From Damanhur, Italy

About the Event

Crotalo Sesamo and Tigrilla Gardenia are flying in from Damanhur, Italy to create, connect, and activate a Stone Spiral at The Dandelion Center. After preparing the land, together we will work side-by-side to lay out and activate the stone spiral. This is not a labor intensive task, rather a passing of stones to Crotalo who will activate and place the stones.

What is a Damanhur Damanhur is a living laboratory for the Future, a federation of spiritual communities, an esoteric school, and a worldwide movement that inspires the lives of thousands of people committed to leaving a positive mark on the world. Together, Damanhurians have created a multilingual society based on ancient and modern principles of solidarity, sharing, art, respect for Life, and union with the spiritual ecosystem of our worlds.

About Spirals Since ancient times, Spirals have accompanied us on our journeys. Their forms can be found on stone, jewelry, clothing, and sacred spaces around the world.  A stone spiral creates a walkable energetic field that connects the deepest energies of our planet and the subtle planes up above. When you walk a spiral, your subtle body receives a gentle massage that realigns you in relation to the physical world around you and the non-physical in which you are immersed. For questions, contact Patti Hindiyeh.

Spread the Seeds of Change

The more people who participate, the faster the creation will go! Once complete, everyone who has helped will be invited to walk the Spiral to fully activate it! 



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