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Self Talk: What Do I Say to Myself?

My mind (and self talk) has been busy for the last few months.  I did talk about my family reunion!  That kept my mind busy… however, I also got back out on my porch.

I was contemplating current events: despair (the complete loss or absence of hope), hatred, sadness, and feelings of being lost in a big world full of chaos.  And I did what I’ve been practicing – looked at myself and how I contribute to it.

Self Talk

Well…I’ve had a lot of self judgment for “just sitting on the porch”.  And doesn’t that reflect the judgment in the world?  There’s a rather famous quote about judgment and forgiveness (paraphrasing this) “Forgive them Father, for they (human beings) do not know what they do.”

I blinked – yep, took a moment and decided I could change something.  In fact, I could change only 1 thing – MYSELF. 

Can you take a moment?  Blink.  Let the ones before you BE and not expect something other?  Dare I say, forgive them for they do not know what they do?  But you do.  You don’t have to be a victim to your story.  

Every person on this planet has a right to BE or they would not be here at this time.  

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