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Welcome to The Dandelion Center!

Let me introduce myself.  My name is Patti Hindiyeh, and I am 60 years old in the process of – everything.  The Dandelion Center has been a dream, a vision of mine for several years.  It was virtual, a tag line on my email signature.  And people would ask me about it and sometimes I had a clear answer and sometimes I would laugh and say I have no idea what it is.  I kept asking myself – What if it IS possible?  Could I spread seeds (dandelion seeds of course), plant the possibilities into the field and experience them as they grow?  The Dandelion Center is currently all about process – both outside and inside, but specifically outside is in the land, a physical location I have found (Or, found me!)  The inside is my spiritual awakening, my trust, conviction that the next step will show in the moment. This website is about my process, struggle to let go of the fear, the shoulds, what’s right, what needs to be because someone else say so.  I want my wings, to maintain a high vibration, to experience and Create a quantum reality science has proven and humanity isn’t quite ready to accept or live by. The website is a real-time story of my journey and I invite you to come by, make a wish, spend a minute in curiosity and wonder–

What if it IS Possible?   

Never the end, always the journey of self-discovery and experience. 

Patti Hindiyeh Welcome
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