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June 2023 – Birthday Month

I Believe I Have Something to Say… June Reflection

When I bought my house 2 years ago, I decided to evaluate my choices in June on my birthday every year and ask myself if I wanted to say another year.  Living alone on 10 acres of land, on a property that has required some love and attention, a house that has required love and attention, and a lifestyle to completely opposite from the life I’ve lived the last 30 years required a self-check-in.  

Spiritually, I continue to grow.  The challenges I’ve had over the last year have given me a knowing of myself and how the “IT” works through me.  I’ve had to face my conscious and subconscious beliefs.  I see when I’m about to decide from fear – a visceral change takes place in my body.  I can then choose to continue or breathe back into my knowing, who I am, who my Source is, and what my service is. 

This year I’ve thought about leaving.  I’ve thought about moving, selling my property, or renting it.  I feel centered, healed, as if the time here has worked its magic.  I am open to other possibilities, feeling a sense of curiosity and wonder for what’s next.  I’ve put this message “out” into the field, talked about it with friends and family, and let it go.  The outcome is not mine to decide, I’m willing to be of service to a higher consciousness.  

LOL – Not so easy as I make it sound!  I am constantly pulling myself back from fear, anxiety, the should and shouldn’t, and societal norms.  Like I said, I’m continuing to grow, and I live in a state of discomfort, not willing to settle based on history, and not seeing the future.  I try to embrace my tag line – What if it IS possible?  

On my recent Sunday call, I was sharing my sense of loss, nostalgia, and confusion.  I’ve finally completed the legal documents, waiting for the courts to stamp their approval.  My marital contract complete and I continue to be connected and supportive to my former spouse as he is to me.  Our kids are adults, and we can all share “family” moments with laughter.  I feel complete in this relationship, and we are both growing and evolving separately.  Was it easy to obtain this outcome?  Of course not!  Was it worth it?  Absolutely!  Now that it’s here, it feels a bit surreal.  And it’s made me realize I have something to share.

My life has been full of experience, or ideas of experience.  Why do I say it that way?  Because an idea is fleeting, it’s creative, and it’s my responsibility.  In accepting the responsibility, I also accept the creative power.  An idea allows for a malleable existence.  I can choose to change my reality.  Again, this process has taken time and I value the resulting joy and freedom it allows me.

I created The Dandelion Center.  It started as an idea, a virtual reality, and has manifested into a form that may or may not continue here. . .

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