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Italy  Recap: Out in a Walk with Nature

Before you read this, be aware that it is graphic.  You may want to stop reading. I’d encourage you to skip the parts that make you uncomfortable and try to read through to the end.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words, so I have added some pictures to show where my mind was on this day as I was hiking and taking a nature walk in Italy recently.  The day was warm and sunny, and I was focused on the pictures to capture the beauty of the mushrooms, flowers, and the dam with the lake behind it. During my walk, I “randomly” passed about 3 hunters, in different places, hunters in their orange vests and with guns. I’ve attached the picture of the one with his dog. I didn’t think anything of this. I did talk to a hunter who was sitting up at the dam. The best I could understand in my broken Italian and his nonexistent English was that he was hunting the ducks on the lake.

I started my hike down and walked back to the Airbnb where I was staying.  The path led me past what I would call a thicket and beyond the thicket was an open meadow where I had taken a shortcut a few days earlier.  I’d finally put my phone away and I was enjoying the moment when a herd of wild boar came running towards me in the meadow next to the thicket. Now I didn’t think of danger, nope, I thought darn, just when I put my phone away – now I can’t capture the picture!  And, still focused on capturing the moment in a picture, I pulled my phone out.  I thought my movement startled the boar, they twirled around and went back towards the thicket.  I started running closer thinking I could capture a picture while they were still in the meadow before I lost them in the thicket. This next paragraph is graphic.

 Gunfire went off in rapid succession. I heard the squealing of the pigs, and I realized there was a group of hunters behind the thicket. And they were shooting the wild boar. I just stopped and froze feeling sick to my stomach as I listened to the animals die. Obviously if I couldn’t see the hunters, they couldn’t see me and there really wasn’t much between me and the bullets if a stray bullet came my way.

Now read on from here if you can.  I felt frozen for a moment. And in that frozen moment – so fast – my mind was moving so fast – I didn’t think to duck. I didn’t think to yell to let the hunters know I was there. I didn’t think to move. I just stood there. And as I stood there, a wave of another energy came over me and I consciously started to see this event as all one and to kind of deconstruct everything. This Consciousness that creates everything created the bullets and I started saying this out loud.  (What I call Consciousness, others say Creator, God, Divine, Source etc. different names and in my view all the same) I call it God with a capital G and I was seeing and speaking “God created the bullets if you melt it down into the metal.   God created the trees and metal in the guns. God created the man, the vests, the wild boar, the day, the Meadow, the dogs.” Everything that I was seeing was a creation of God, and as I was speaking, the colors just got brighter, and a peace came over me in a way I had never experienced before.

I told this story a couple of times and each time I told it, I became more aware of how profound the moment was for me in an experiential way.

I guess what I would say, my takeaway if you want to call it that, next time I see something that I’m disturbed by and I feel sick to my stomach or I’m reacting because it’s “bad”, I’ll try to reframe the picture.  And in that process, try to see what it truly is, this world that we’re living in, an experience of the manifestation of God – not good, not bad, nothing to judge right or wrong.  And if I can stick with the fact that it’s an experience and I let go of labeling the experience, I can transmute the energy from fear, horror, judgment to awe and wonder and alchemically change the field in which we all live.  The higher consciousness does the work – I am just acknowledging the real presence under the “reality” we are born into.

Human creations can be ugly.  Our human ego minds want to be the judge, to make things right and wrong, but if you let go of that and see it for the ultimate creation of what is, you can transform and transmute what you’re seeing in a magnificent way. I believe this alchemical process, a transformative process, changes the field in which we ALL live by replacing the density of fear and hate with the true creative force – Love.

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