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I Am So Grateful

We are so happy to have SUN today here in northern CA. I will NOT complain about the amount of rain; I am just so sorry the saturated ground and trees, combined with high winds, have left many noble kin on the ground. My property, as of today, is SOAKED. Most of kin shed small branches. One tree did go over, but it had been struggling. I am grateful for kin’s continued gift of firewood.

I am always learning here – this last week has been about medical care
(distance to receive it) and receiving angels. I came down with pneumonia. It’s been a long time since I’ve had it. I’m truly alive today because of my neighbor. One who drove me to the clinic in the rain and wind and made sure I received chest x-rays before they closed. The next afternoon, she picked up my medications, again in the wind and rain, brought them to me and then asked who was staying with me. My other neighbor came over with wood and built me a fire, gave me tea, and left with the promise to check in in the morning.

He came, restarted my fire, and made me breakfast (I had no appetite and wasn’t eating). My sister heard the type of Rx drugs I’d been put on and called and left her house 20 minutes later to come up after she heard my cough and voice. Wendi, a veterinarian, brought her stethoscope and tool to measure my pulse and oxygen percentages which were not good. My son drove up on his day off and got Lucy her dog meds I had run out of and needed to pick up.

I did not realize how sick and fast I was going downhill. I could have called family and friends a lot earlier – I just kept thinking I would get better, and then I knew I wasn’t. The collected feedback I needed to hear was how stubborn I was about asking for help and how I tried to do it on my own. I don’t need to be SO independent…AND see how LOVED I AM.

I am so grateful to be here today and have realized it’s ok to be “vulnerable” and “weak” and ask for help. And quit letting my ego tell me to be strong, “they” (me?) will think you made a mistake moving and living alone in a rural area with “no help” in sight!

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