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Fire Evacuation

I just wanted to get this down before I lost all the detail.  If you ever doubt you are loved and cared for by higher powers, maybe this blog will change your mind and have you start looking for love!

Yesterday, while working at my desk, I heard a plane (normal as it’s fire season), then a helicopter – still barely registering, then another helicopter and I “heard” That’s close.  I got online and found a fire had started down the road from my house.  I did not wait, grabbed my things and evacuated my house in 5 minutes.  I got to the end of the drive and had to decide how to evacuate – go left, back road, deep pits, gravel or go right, into the fire.  As I turned left (duh!), a car came towards me, a man, and he said I couldn’t go that way, so I followed him towards the fire (GUIDED OFF THE MOUNTAIN!)

The rest of the story – I had the opportunity to “evacuate” two times prior.  I called them trial runs, used the events of fires in the area and NO evacuation orders to bug out   Each time I was more organized.  Yesterday morning I “decided” to repack my bug out bag (dog had already been taken care of!).  I pulled out the bag, re-evaluated, re-packed and carried it downstairs by the door.

Work was done on my property and my gas tank had been turned off and red tagged.  No shower!  I was invited to my friend’s house (where my sister was living too) and was able to take a long hot shower and sleep in an airconditioned room.  PGE had of course, turned off the power!

I was working yesterday when I would ordinarily been on a zoom call…therefore I heard the planes and helicopters…

My neighbor texted to say she was evacuating and recommended going…

My evacuation orders came in as I was driving off the mountain…

Persons who had helped clear my land called to make sure I was ok and off the mountain…

More neighbors checked in…

We are never alone.  I was surrounded by love.  I felt SO GRATEFUL as I left my house, it was daylight (5:05 pm), my dog and I were safe.

I was able to evacuate (really had feared shelter in place).  I witnessed all the fire support already on the scene and driving up (as I was driving down).  So grateful for the volunteers and their professionalism.

As of 1:04 am today, the evacuation orders are still standing, power off until around noon, temps rising to 100F again… and I am sitting in an air-conditioned kitchen, food is being prepared, coffee next me. 


  Love to all today

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