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A Theme of Gratitude

I get together with four people every Sunday at 6:30 a Zoom call.  We started 4-5 years ago after we met at a silent retreat in North Carolina.  I feel connected with my “Container Field Group”; they are family and I share EVERYTHING with them.  We’ve created a field of consciousness so amazing I usually giggle in awe.  Every week there is a “theme” or the continuation of a theme. 

This week I was sharing about my quail MRI follow up.  (View the Story of Quail her baby here.) I felt so grateful there was no change on the MRI AND this one was without contrast… I didn’t like having the dye in my body. 


The first person to share spoke about gratitude and being grateful for her experience over the last couple months and the person who helped put together a workshop she is giving on Monday.  The next person spoke about his morning meditation, which starts with gratitude for the physical body.  And finally, the last person to share spoke about his gratitude for things that were not ordinarily thought of in terms of gratitude. 

Yep, theme of the week – Gratitude.  Week after week we share –a theme appears– and we all experience in our individuated ways some aspect of the week’s theme.   Each time this happens, I receive confirmation we human beings are connected, “one” in an energetic field of consciousness.  Yet we also maintain our unique physical individuality.  This group is as close as I get to a spiritual practice.  It’s very rare for me to miss a call.  Even if I’m traveling, I make every attempt to check in – even if it’s just for 5 min.

The Mountain Climber

We spoke of metaphor, and I’d like to share some of the conversation. 

A mountain climber (real mountains like Everest) must first climb the mountain to base camp.  A group, usually led by a guide, is then taken to Summit.  To get to base camp, an individual must train.  In other words, to personally grow, an individual must work on themselves.  There is a solitary process, the inner work; the inner child work; the shadow work; all must be done inside. 

Then the guide comes in; The therapist; The minister-priest-pastor; The guru or spiritual advisor; your best friend.  And as you work with the person, you become stronger, become fit, heal wounds from your childhood and past, become ready to take on the Summit. 

Finally, as a team, or collective, you are ready for the steps to reach the Summit.  The journey is not over.  The work continues.  And now it’s the team who assists with the growth, the healing process.  They may push your buttons.  Step on your toes.  Make you angry to no end. They might not agree with you.  And, if you point the finger inward, ask yourself why they (outside) are affecting you (inside), you find more areas to heal, to grow. 

Eventually, we ALL reach the Summit – the Christ consciousness, God, Creator of All, the One Note Sung – doesn’t matter what you call it.  It’s the arrival to The Summit and it lasts a moment, hours, days, or the rest of your life.  Once experienced, there is no going back to the foot of the mountain. 

Although… a bounce back down to base camp a few times to regroup may be required before you can begin the climb up to the Summit again.

I love this metaphor because it speaks to my life and the lives of those around me.  We are ALL where we are meant to be at this very moment of now.  There is no race. There is no competition. 


What if it IS Possible?  Then we can feel Grateful in the blessed simplicity…

Light, Love, and Laughter

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