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My intention is that The Dandelion Center provides a location for you to connect to nature and the healing available when you visit.  The healing appears in many ways, an epiphany, a message from your higher guidance, through discussions, and even through challenges which may appear.  The land raises your body’s frequency and, if you are willing, takes you on an individuated journey.

I am meant to share this property and hold the space for you, the experiencer.  I welcome the people who are ready to experience the unconditional love, joy and unlimited possibilities being offered at the Dandelion Center and are searching for their next steps.  What if it IS possible?  

Patti Hindiyeh


Patti Hindiyeh

The Dandelion Center Found!
Land of Possibilities
Maya and Nelson
Aerial View
Morning Sunrise
The Porch of Wishes
Summer Wildflowers
Clearing the Land
The Wish Flower
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What if it IS Possible?


Each visitor feels welcomed, safe, inspired, curious and open when they spend time here. Each is supported in the most perfect way as they walk this sacred land. They experience a letting go, a new connection and maybe even a piece of magic. Their heart is full. Their soul smiles.  The Dandelion Center is a metaphor – it’s the Center of you and me.  It’s the Resilience, the Nourishment, the Wish, the Seed planted.  The Dandelion Center is a place where you can realize infinite possibilities.  Each chooses to engage with who and what they truly are and where they are in the metaphoric life of a dandelion – the consciousness of the sun, the stars, the moon and the subconscious of the tap root and lateral roots. A new beginning grown out of clarity, trust and a deep knowing. 

Dandelion Readings

The plants call to me, and asked me to share their whisperings with you.
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A Wish-filled Journey...

Reach out, ask questions, come visit. We are on this adventure together.

A Message from Patti

You’ve read my intention and vision for the Dandelion Center.  You’ve seen my vision for the land and the pictures of what’s here now.  I am The Dandelion Center and loving the journey and challenges I’ve been experiencing on the way. I walk this path fearlessly. I am filled with trust, joy, and gratitude for each step that I am shown. I am filled with the highest level of inspiration and commitment as I embark on my dream to be of service. I welcome any who are drawn to be a part of this either as a visitor or one who wishes to add a gift to the land.  

Thank you for visiting.